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The Gower is famous for being named the first place in Britain to be an “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” this 70-square-mile (180sq km) paradise consists of cliffs and woodlands, beautiful beaches, the Gower peninsula is also popular for walkers, birdwatchers, sunbathers and surfers.

One of thew gower most beautiful beaches is Rhossili which is 3 miles (4.8km) of golden sands feature towering cliffs and Worm’s Head at one end, dunes at the other, and a genuine shipwreck in between.

In summer, you can watch paragliders ridge-soaring the updrafts on Rhossili Downs. For sheer natural beauty,

 Three Cliffs Bay is just as stunning with the Pennard Pill river cutting a deep into the wooded hillside before emptying into a gorgeous bay, overlooked by the ruins of Pennard Castle and the eponymous three jagged cliffs.

Visit Swansea Bay.