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Located on the north-west coast of Wales, lies a welsh village like no other. You could easily be mistaken for believing you’ve stepped into Italy for the day as you explore the enchanted fairytale-like streets.

In 1925 Welsh architect Clough Williams-Ellis acquired the site which he transformed into the village of Portmeirion, a village inspired by the Italian Riviera. Adorned with exquisite houses, a picturesque piazza, Japanese gardens, shops, 70 acres of woodlands which take in both the coast, forest and a few secret spots along the way.

The village is set on the welsh coastline aligned with sand beaches, inviting you to explore them in the hope of finding the hidden caves. Whilst exploring the seafront, you must take a moment to see the famous Amis Reunis, a stone boat steeped in history and now a fabulous place for children (and adults!) to let their imaginations run wild and be a pirate for the day! Of course, we can’t forget the all important cafes and restaurants for you to enjoy and refuel so you can continue to explore each and every fabulous part of the village.

If you’re planning your trip, it’s worth noting that you must purchase a ticket in advance to enter the village of Portmeirion, you can buy either an annual pass, or a day ticket depending on your plans. You are asked to park in the free carpark outside the village and we would recommend checking out their website for updates in relation to Covid-19 restrictions. We’re sad to say that they also have a rule of no dogs, unless they are a registered assistance dog.

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