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There are many sea caves in Wales, you just need to know where to find them. Some would say this is half the fun and adventure!

A popular cave is a sea cave known as the Witches’ Cauldron (Pwll Y Wrach), in North West Pembrokeshire. As the myth goes; it is believed to be home to a sea-witch who will consume anyone who is brave enough to venture into the cave.

The Witches’ Cauldron has been formed by a cave which collapsed and over time has eroded to reveal layers of soft rocks which have filled with green, blue water. When the light reflects through the three tunnelled entrances, depending on the light and the time of day, it can make the sea cave appear truly magical.

Located off the Pembrokeshire coastal path, but only accessable by sea you will find this enchanting sea cave. To reach there it is recommended to park at Ceibwr Bay, head south west along the coastal path for approximately 700 metres and you will find the Witches Cauldron. It is extremely popular with kayaks and there are several kayak tour companies who will be only too happy to take you into the cave and can be booked prior to your visit. If you are thinking of venturing in alone, please check the tides before heading through to make sure it is safe.

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